The cult of programming

:: computer, lisp

Programming is not meant to be easy and it’s important to make sure that it is as cryptic as possible otherwise people other than cult members might be able to understand it. Of course, you also need to make sure it’s pure, because otherwise cult members will laughingly throw you into a pit full of spikes and the rotting remains of other heretics.

The end of the world

:: stories

Investment bankers are often called ‘sharks’ and this is, in fact, a good description. There is nothing wrong with sharks: they are beautiful animals designed by billions of years of natural selection to do one thing extremely well. You can not expect a shark to be other than a shark: rather you must understand how sharks behave and arrange matters so as not to be eaten. Governments can do this for banks: they did it in 1933, after all, and it served us well for nearly 70 years. However governments entirely failed to do this after the events of 2008 for reasons of stupidity and corruption.

Rerooting Frog

:: computer

Frog wants to create blogs which hang directly under /. I want mine to live under a subdirectory, and to have all its data living under that directory. I’ve made some changes to Frog to support that. As of 20150702 these changes have been merged to the main frog repo: you no longer need to refer to mine, which is obsolete.


:: meta

I often find myself writing fairly substantial mail messages, posts or comments to posts, which inevitably get lost. This is a way to keep some of them, I hope.