Another letter to Mel Stride that I will not send

:: politics, doomed

I’d like to believe there was some purpose in writing to my MP, but I no longer do. He probably means well, but his soul has been sold, if he ever had one.

Dear Mr Stride,

So it seems we’re going to have yet another prolonged episode where we all watch the group of rather stupid spoiled children who now make up almost all of the parliamentary tory party quarrelling with each other over a problem which is entirely of their own making. And, while your friends are involved in fighting whatever stupid battle it is this time, the country will be falling apart around them. But they don’t care about that, do they? Their own idiot squabbles are so much more important to them, because, after all, they are not the people using food banks, or the people not getting health care, or the people dying, and nor will they ever be. Because while they’re very stupid they are also very rich.

Nobody wants this: nobody wants to hear the same collection of entitled halfwits emit yet another batch of transparent lies about why the problem they created is somebody else’s fault. Who will they find to blame this time? Those nasty Europeans? Some party which hasn’t been in power for over a decade? The imaginary deep state? I don’t think they can blame the Jews out loud just yet, so I expect we’ll hear people talking about ‘citizens of the world’ again, because everyone knows who that means. I am sure the gypsies will be mentioned because apparently you can blame them for almost anything.

Why not do something radical: ask the people of the country who they would like to govern them the way democracies do? Please, do the right thing for once in your life and resign: if enough of your colleagues do so it will, finally, bring about the election the people of the UK so desperately need.