A letter to my MP

:: politics, doomed

On the occasion of the johnsonites’ rewriting the rules on political corruption to suit themselves.

So, England essentially now has two political parties: one which, though deeply flawed, represents democracy, and the other one: the once-great party to which you belong and which now represents nothing but its own greed, obvious corruption and lies. The party of a laughing idiot clown whose incompetence and gross stupidity has caused tens of thousands of deaths in the last two years and who, no doubt, will kill tens of thousands more in the next few years. The party of a man who, somehow, will be found not to be responsible for the heaped corpses on which he stands. The party whose foreign aid cuts will probably kill hundreds of thousands (but, you know, mostly poor black people and no-one in your party cares about them, do they?). A party of liars and cheats. A party which thinks nothing of changing the rules so its own corrupt MPs are let off. A party of flag-waving little Englanders and racists.

You must be very proud of yourself to represent such an organisation. For myself, I am now ashamed to be English, ashamed to live in your constituency, ashamed of everything your party has come to stand for.

I hope you sleep well. Please, don’t reply.